By Ron Price — How often would you say you feed your body? It’s a safe bet that your answer is daily. Now, if I asked how intentional you are about feeding your body, that might call for a different answer. Fortunately, I do not intend to meddle in that area of your life – at least not in this post.

I’ve been thinking lately though about how strained relationships can be when one or both parties are not operating in peak, or healthy form. Tensions have always existed in our lives, and that is not likely to change any time soon. The case could surely be made, however, that with all we have been through in the past several months, tension in some relationships is at an all-time high.

It is so easy in times of relationship stress and turmoil to focus blame on the other person. Since the other person is indeed a fallible human being, he or she likely does deserve some of the blame, or credit for the negative state of the relationship. But, please don’t try to convince me or anyone else that the fault is solely in their corner.

So that leads me back to my introductory question. How mindful are you about the fuel that you put into your body? And while you’re pondering your response, how about your mind and your emotions?

So often we tend to put our lives, and our relationships, on auto-pilot. That might work well in some circumstances, but not many, and not for very long.

You’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat.” There’s likely some truth in that, but I believe it is even more true that you become what you repeatedly think and feel. To me, that can be good news or not-so-good. Again, it is not my place to tell you or anyone else what you should eat, what you should think, or how you should feel. It is my place, however, to challenge you to give those matters some focus and consideration.

After three decades as a mediator, and two as a life coach, I firmly believe that relationships could be so much healthier if the people in those relationships were individually healthier. Now, before you say “duh”, please do take some time in the coming days to reflect on your precious gift of life. As you have heard, life is fragile, handle with care.  Do that, and I believe you will enjoy more peace and contentment, with far less stress and grief.

— Ron Price MA writes a regular column on  He is the owner/operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc., and has spent the last 30+ years as a mediator, helping people resolve their differences with others. He provides in-person and virtual training on a variety of life skills. He is a member of Piñon Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Farmington, New Mexico and a member of the RMC Executive Committee. For more information, visit To add your name to his weekly mailing list, please send him an email at [email protected]. Photo supplied

This article was reprinted with permission