Denver, Colorado… During the last quarter of each year, pastors from the Rocky Mountain Conference participate in an evaluation process. Led by Ed Barnett, RMC president, and, Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, the purpose of the evaluation process is to provide valuable feedback for the conference and the local pastor. Each evaluation includes such areas as, a Weekly Attendance Chart; baptisms/profession of faith chart, tithe and offerings chart, as well as plans for evangelism/and church growth.

Prior to the evaluation itself, a survey is mailed out to all of the pastors and local church board leaders in order to gather relevant information. The survey includes questions about the pastors themselves, their church, and about how they feel about the support of RMC.  The results of this survey are collated in a notebook and then shared with each pastor.

“A typical evaluation will last about an hour, and most of the meetings take place at the RMC office,” Mallory explains. “For pastors who live a longer distance from Denver, their evaluations take place at the Colorado Springs Central Church and the Grand Junction Church in Colorado and the Casper Church in Wyoming,” he adds.

Mallory says that, “probably the biggest benefit gained from the annual evaluation process is that each pastor is given the opportunity to celebrate what is working and receive counsel on areas that need growth.”

“Each pastor comes with questions and issues that are featured in a conversation. My overall impression is that RMC can truly be proud of our ministerial family. We learn how their families are faring and we look at challenges each of them is facing. WE need to uphold our ministers and their families in our prayers,” comments Ed Barnett.

“It is important for our Denver team to learn how we can best serve the needs of the field. We are richer by knowing how to boost our mission in our vast territory and the Adventist family of 18,000,” he added.

–RMCNews with Mickey Mallory; photos by Mickey Mallory