By Barry Manembu — Denver, Colorado…It was a very special day for the Pathfinders and Adventurers from Colorado Indonesian-American Seventh-day Adventist Church in Denver. On 2019 World Pathfinder Day, September 21, not only did they have the chance to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the Global Pathfinder Movement, along with 2 million pathfinders around the world, they also had the privilege to share their faith on the neighboring houses via literature evangelism.

This was the first time that both Flying Garuda Pathfinders and Brave Sparrow Adventurers celebrated World Pathfinder Day. Starting with congratulatory video from Andreas Peralta, the World Pathfinder director, members and staff marched in, recited the Pathfinder/Adventurer pledge and law, and led the entire worship service.

Three young Pathfinder staff—Derwin Suyatno, Eldridge Turambi and Darlyn Tielung—presented a sermon entitled “Created with Purpose,” emphasizing the fact that God created us to be full in Him and to be a blessing to others. At the end of the sermon they challenged the congregation and made an appeal to follow and fulfill God’s plan in their lives.

Following the church service, led by Derwin, who recently served as a youth colporteur in Utah and Nevada, a group of 25 pathfinders, adventurers and staff participated in literature evangelism by sharing GLOW tracts around neighboring houses.

“Many of the children have never done a door-to-door evangelism before and were understandably anxious at first. But with much prayers and encouragement, plus a brief training by Derwin, the group was ready to visit the nearby houses,” explained Barry Manembu, leader of the Flying Garuda Pathfinder Club.

The participating groups knocked on doors, distributed the GLOW spiritual message pamphlets, and also prayed for those with a prayer request. Barry said that “many [people] opened their doors and some of them were willing to be prayed for. A man named Abdullah, for instance, asked for healing, and so a staff member prayed for him. Group members rotated on specific tasks and there was an occasion where a three-year-old Little Lamb girl offered a short prayer, which warmed the heart of a household,” he explained.

Many of the kids were undoubtedly tired after walking around the neighborhood. “Yet, they said how they enjoyed every minute of it. During the post-activity briefing some were even saying that they would like to do it again,” Barry added.

Barry B. Manembu; photos by Grace CarolindaNovie SondakhBarry B. Manembu