By Jon Roberts — Cody, Wyoming . . . At least one camp meeting is being planned in the Rocky Mountain Conference this summer, although it won’t take place under a big tent, or inside a gym, but virtually, in individual homes.

The Adventist church has held camp meetings, or tent revivals, since the denomination was founded. This year, with the pandemic affecting large public gatherings, many camp meetings across the country are being cancelled or members are being offered other options to bring them together.

The organizers of the Wyoming camp meeting realized in late April that the pandemic was going to force them to cancel the event usually held at Mills Spring Ranch located on Casper Mountain.  However, they a needed to offer some version of a spiritual convocation.

“People are still looking for spiritual avenues to grow and to connect,” commented Steve Nelson, organizer of Wyoming camp meeting and pastor of Cody, Worland, Powell and Ten Sleep congregations. “We want to be able to provide that virtually to keep people connected”

“Portions of the camp meeting will be pre-recorded; however, most will be live streamed from various locations,” Nelson added.

Even though the 2020 virtual event will be online only, the schedule will be full.  From morning worship with Wyoming pastors and RMC administrators, to a live cooking program in the afternoon, to evening worship with featured speaker Dick Stenbakken, retired Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries director, the theme of “Steps to Jesus” will be evident throughout the week.  Please see the full schedule below.

Members across the conference are encouraged to attend the virtual event next week.  You can view the programs on the Wyoming Camp Meeting Facebook Page  or on the RMC Facebook page.

Jon Roberts is RMC communication/media assistant; July 20, 2019 camp meeting photo by Rajmund Dabrowski.