RMCNews with Joey Perrin – Pueblo, Colorado … After a long winter spent inside, Pueblo church members began exploring ways to fellowship outdoors. Out of this exploration, they created “Sunday Groove,” a program that involves various events which include exercising.

The program was introduced to church members with the goal of getting physical and getting to know each other better.

Reflecting on the new program, Pueblo member Joey Perrin commented, “We have decided to start challenging ourselves more physically and have different levels of fitness [goals] for everyone to get involved in. Mountain biking is a great way to get off the beaten path and get out there with God’s creation and each other.”

On a Sunday morning, March 7, the small group gathered at the church with their bikes to begin their day of exploring the Pueblo area.

“We meandered around and went down Pedro’s point. Taking breaks along the way to hydrate and take in the beauty, we made it to the end with grand views of the reservoir and the open spaces,” Perrin said.

The church is looking forward to continuing “Sunday Grove” adventures in April.

–RMCNews with Joey Perrin a member of Pueblo church; photo by Unsplash