20 Sep


RMCNews with Frank Wilson – Ward, Colorado … Hispanic members of RMC gathered in three locations for camp meetings in September after not having been able to meet in person for fellowship and Bible study last year.

Faith, hope, and love in an uncertain world was the theme at the meetings featuring Alfonso Valenzuela, senior pastor at the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda, California.  The gatherings were attended by 500 members in three different locations–Glacier View Ranch, Durango, and Grand Junction. Instead of hosting one group, the events were divided this year to add an extra layer of protection against the pandemic.

“We want to say, ‘Thank you, God,’ because it was a great success. More than five hundred members attended the meetings. Most of the Hispanic brothers and sisters were able to experience and attend camp meeting one more time,” Frank Wilson, Boulder Hispanic, Aurora Hispanic, Brighton Hispanic, and Carbon Valley pastor, said.

Wilson added, “We are ever thankful to our heavenly Father who granted us the opportunity, protection, and the blessing to participate in such a wonderful event.”

— RMCNews with Frank Wilson pastor of Boulder Hispanic, Aurora Hispanic, Brighton Hispanic, and Carbon Valley; photo supplied

11 May


RMCNews with Frank Wilson – Denver, Colorado … The Las Aguilas Pathfinder club from Aurora Hispanic Church is celebrating their first-place finish at the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) division finals.

Pathfinder clubs across North America gathered virtually on April 16th and 17th to test their Bible knowledge at NAD PBE Division Finals.

According to the NAD website the event, called Bible Bowl by some, includes, “teams of six club members study a book of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God’s word.”

Pastor Frank Wilson, pastor of Aurora Hispanic church commented on the dedication of the pathfinder club to dig deep in God’s Word.  “The hard work and dedication in studying the Bible constantly in season, and out of season, resulted in achieving such a wonderful award.”

The event was described by Wilson as a four-part series. “The competition first began at the church level, then the conference, moving on to the union, and finally the national level or the North America Division.”

The winning teams are construed as “extreme students of the Bible and in most cases memorize chapters and, in some cases, the entire book(s).”

Reflecting on the event Kiefer Dooley, RMC former youth director, has the hope that the trivia games and preparation for the PBE helps build a deeper relationship with Jesus.  “Our hope is that the Bible knowledge they retained for a first-place finish is not just trivia, or facts learned for a trophy but is a conduit to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”

The Aurora Hispanic Pathfinder team consisted of Clementito Martinez, Luis Torres, Sabutita Jambuny,Alan Martinez, Chavy de la Cruz and Katrin Juárez; who studied the Scriptures passionately along with the club directors.

Wilson also commented on the multiple individuals who assisted the team behind the scenes. “[Those] who worked behind the scenes training and preparing our young people for the Bible Bowl was Clemente Martinez and Judith Martinez (directors of the Pathfinder’s Club) who’s dedication was constant.”

Clemente Martinez was proud of the team winning and humbly stated that everything was done only for the glory and honor of God.

The Books of the Bible clubs had to study this year was Hebrews, James, 1st Peter, and 2nd Peter.

–RMCNews with Frank Wilson, pastor of Aurora Hispanic church; photo by Frank Wilson