By Carol Silva – Loveland, Colorado … Following vespers on May 21, Campion Academy students participated in a Campion tradition called Friendship Commitment, also known as “Cry Night”. They gathered on Center Campus to talk with friends and apologize for misunderstandings, ending the year without grudges and in peace. It was also a chance to say goodbye to seniors and wish them luck in the next chapter of their lives.

At the event, Nancy Meszaros, chaplain, handed out white carnations to the students, which they could give to one another, symbolizing peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

“I didn’t even know I had anything to cry about until cry night came along,” Brianna Bell, Campion junior, said.

The atmosphere during the Friendship Commitment was filled with the joy of restarting friendships and an end to tension between some students. Dominick Maldonado, Campion senior, shared, “I really enjoy Cry Night because it happens at the end of the school year, and students have the chance to tie up loose ends and leave with a clean slate. You don’t want to end the school year with grudges, and [you] don’t want someone to hold a grudge against you. It is meaningful to a lot of people because you’re able to mend those relationships you once had.”

The event was filled with friends and teachers connecting and expressing how much they impacted each other’s lives personally and on the campus. Keziah Paduli, Campion sophomore, expressed, “Cry Night was honestly one of my favorite nights of this whole year. It started off really awkward and I didn’t know what to do or say to anyone. But I had talks with people that I didn’t even know I had tension with, and I’m thankful that I got the chance to clear the air. I also got to tell some people here at Campion how much I appreciate them and how much of an impact they have made on my life.”

At the end of the meeting, Meszaros led out in the most important part of the evening–a time for reconciliation with God.

Nelly Salinas, Campion senior, explained that the evening helped her recognize that she needed to reconnect with God; “I had been asking God for signs about my future, and when He would give them to me, I would brush them off and keep asking for something different. I had been ignoring Him and yet would complain of others ignoring me. I realized that I needed to sit down and pray alone, so I could stop ignoring Him.”

–Carol Silva is a Campion senior