23 Jun


By Ardis Stenbakken – Loveland, Colorado …Sixty women from area churches assembled at the Campion church June 18-19 for a special women’s ministry weekend workshop titled “Grief, Grace and Gratitude.”

The gathering focused on the question, “How do people handle their grief, loss, and isolation after a year of the Covid pandemic?” The three presentations were offered by Alicia Patterson, assistant professor at AdventHealth University and spouse of Geoff Patterson, senior pastor at the Boulder Adventist church.

Participants were thankful for the gathering, especially the topic. “This topic was so necessary at this time. In the pandemic, we lost everything—our freedom, our jobs, our health, sometimes family and friends—everything. These topics fit the times,” one attendee expressed.

DeeAnn Bragaw, Campion member and RMC women’s ministry director, commented on the event stating, “Many women expressed their appreciation for Alicia’s messages, telling us how helpful they were. I heard one woman say ‘I didn’t even know how much I needed this, and the guide for how to lament through Scripture was so helpful!’”

“Grief: Giving God Our Pain,” was presented Friday evening giving the women an opportunity to lose their grief through lament. Each participant was led through an exercise of lament and then could take their grief, in the form of a rock, to the Cross.

The gathering continued Sabbath morning with a presentation entitled “Comforting Others with Comfort We Have Received,” followed later in the day by “Gratitude: Praising God for What Remains.” To end the weekend, Patterson had the women participate in finding and expressing gratitude through fun writing and art activities using drawing materials and Play-Doh.

The women experienced a bittersweet moment on Sabbath as the Campion women’s ministries team bid farewell to DeeAnn Bragaw and thanked her for her dedication to ministry. She will assume her new role as women’s ministry director at the North American Division beginning July 1.

–Ardis Stenbakken is Campion church communication team member; photos by Joyelle Worley

05 Feb


By Ardis Stenbakken – Loveland, Colorado … A cold winter night is the ideal time to enjoy hearty winter soups, and Melanie Goetz recently demonstrated not only how to prepare two soups, but also how to make a salad and some simple crackers—a complete meal!

Fifty-three men and women, including nine children and eight community members not associated with the church, gathered in the community center of the Campion church on January 28 to learn about these soups, along with the salad and crackers, and to taste them as well. All were invited to attend future events coming to the church.

During the demonstration, giveaways, were followed by a drawing for Habits That Heal books and information was given on where to buy the specialty ingredients locally. Goetz explained the health benefits of the various components used such as the butternut squash and the peanut butter and ginger, along with the benefits of certain kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Another lesson Goetz talked about that she learned from her mother is the importance of serving size in weight control, something even more important than worrying about or counting calories.

Cana (7) and Micahl (5) helped their mom demonstrate making the crackers, just as they enjoy doing at home. Melanie Goetz shared how, as a young person, she “lived in the kitchen,” helping her mom. That is how she learned to cook. She wants her children to know how to cook healthy meals as well. In fact, she recommends that all children learn to cook even if it adds work to the clean-up process. She believes it is worth it.

–Ardis Stenbakken is Campion Church communication director; photo supplied.

13 Jan


By Ardis Stenbakken – Loveland, Colorado … When the Campion church Pathfinder club discovered one of its church members, Waverly Taylor, was facing a serious cancer condition, they decided to support Taylor by doing small chores around her home, including mowing the lawn when needed.

During a recent Pathfinder meeting in December, Pathfinders discovered that members of the church were gathering for a special session of prayer for Taylor, whose cancer had returned. The Pathfinder meeting was put on hold and they joined the wider church to pray for Taylor.

With COVID safety guidelines in place, Waverley’s family, friends, and church members gathered around her in the community center of the Campion church for an extended time of prayer. Following the church tradition for those facing serious illness of giving a hand-made quilt, Waverley was presented with a prayer quilt containing encouraging messages signed on its reverse side.

The quilt, created by the Loveland Seventh-day Adventist Community Services Quilters, was made by “many loving hands,” reported Ardis Stenbakken, church communication director.

Continuing her battle with cancer Waverly appreciates all prayers for healing.

–Ardis Stenbakken is Campion church communication director; photos by Ella Jean

30 Nov


By Ardis Stenbakken – Loveland, Colorado … On a chilly, sunny Thanksgiving morning, some 50 hearty individuals gathered in the Campion church parking lot ready for what is hoped will become the first Turkey Trot of many.

Young and old, they lined up, ready to walk or run, two in a baby stroller or one, a tricycle, in hopes of navigating the 5k course successfully. The path traced the edges of the Campion Academy campus and returned to the church parking lot where hot chocolate awaited participants along with a large screen displaying their course time.

About 45 participants completed the course, and should be congratulated for the achievement whether they finished or started and went as far as they could. There was no prize, but Campion T-shirts were offered to many participants.

Campion church member, Caleb Jahn, came in first with 25.13 minutes, with Zach Harlow, a student at HMS Richards School, right behind him. Jenny Sigler was the first woman to finish.

Although there was no fee to participate, runners/walkers were asked to make a donation, and $336 was collected for a family which will be chosen to receive a Christmas blessing.

Pastor Michael Goetz, one of the organizers along with Kent Kast and Don Reeder, said, “The campus was honored to be used with a great activity that was appropriate for the concerns of the season. We must continue our community/fellowship and our mission to share Jesus. The pandemic should not stop these; we just have to be creative and this was one of those opportunities.”

–Ardis Stenbakken is the communication director for Campion church; photos by Kaitlyn Boutot and Ardis Stenbakken