By Sami Hodges – Loveland, Colorado … To add a little variation to 2020’s everyday life, Campion’s Student Association (SA) introduced spirit week, giving the students a chance to loosen up before finals and get creative with their outfits.

Each day was unique and gave many opportunities to put together some innovative combinations. As an incentive to participate, the class with the most involvement at the end of the week would earn a pizza party.

“I liked spirit week,” commented Phoebe Mamanua, Campion freshman. “It was really interactive, and I looked forward to going to school every day.”

To start the week, each person found a “twin” and dressed up in matching attire for the day.  After the twins made an appearance, it was time for Santa. The sleigh bells were ringing with everyone dressed up and ready for the holidays. SA members were all decked out in bells and reindeer antlers. Some even wore Christmas lights to top it off.

Moving on from the festive atmosphere of Christmas, next on the agenda was “Wacky Wednesday.” From mismatching socks to a full pineapple suit, Campion took “wacky” to a whole new level.

“I really enjoyed Wacky Wednesday,” said Jonathan Pineda, Campion senior. “I wasn’t planning on dressing up, but when I saw how crazy everyone was going, I decided to join them. It shows how much people enjoy spirit week, being able to dress up differently from normal.”

What better way to follow Wacky Wednesday than with character Thursday. With countless varieties to choose from, students dressed up as characters from many venues, one group even choosing characters, including minions, from Despicable Me. The majority of the Brazilian students dressed up as M&Ms.

What better way to end the week than with a burst of school spirit? A part of Campion could be seen on almost every person in the form of T-shirts, hoodies, sports jackets, or other Campion merchandise.

“I loved how creative people got during spirit week,” reflected Edward Camas, junior. “I think it helped a lot of people gain energy and inspiration to make it to home leave.”

Sami Hodges is Campion Academy senior; photos supplied.