Vashty Segovia Santos – Loveland, Colorado … The Campion Academy Ski Club spent four days enjoying God’s nature in the Colorado mountains on their annual four-day trip to Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Frisco, Colorado, March 23-26.

They started their trip off by holding a church service at the Leadville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Leadville, Colorado, where they shared praise music, testimonies, and experiences from the recent mission trip with the local church members.

Brayden Marroquin, Campion junior, expressed, “It was fun being able to share our experiences of going to the Dominican Republic and being missionaries there. I could tell that our testimonies really spoke to them.” The students were able to fellowship with the members of the church over potluck.

After church, the students went tubing at Leadville’s Dutch Henry Sledding Hill. A group of the students made it their goal to send a tuber over the top of the track. But, despite multiple attempts and recalculations, they were unsuccessful.

For the next three days the group went skiing and snowboarding at Copper Mountain. Each person had a different skill level: some had been skiing and snowboarding since they were small, and others were just starting. “I really liked growing closer to everyone on the ski trip. I liked how everyone was willing to help me when I was struggling on my first day,” Yolanda Han, Campion junior, shared.

During this trip there were several friends that decided that they wanted to switch gear and try something new. Addison Gann, Campion sophomore, shared, “My favorite part of ski trip was trying skiing again. I had skied before but preferred snowboarding. It was really fun to try it again and to watch my friend try snowboarding.”

Elin Sorensen, Campion freshman, who had switched gears with Addison, agreed saying; “It was fun to try snowboarding for the first time.”

In the evenings, the students were able to explore the historic town of Leadville, eat dinner together, catch up on schoolwork, and play games.

On the last day, the students gathered for a group picture and ran. “My favorite part was going on a run together. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone better.” Jovanna Maldonado, Campion senior, reflected.

—Vashty Segovia Santos, Campion Academy Student News Team. Photos supplied.