Eva Resz – Lincoln, Nebraska … Campion Academy senior students took two days off classes at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, to visit colleges, November 2-3. Most of the students went to Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the annual College Preview Days which included such interactive activities as campus tours, team building scavenger hunt, and time to hang out with friends while experiencing college life. 


During the stay at Union College, the students participated in several tours and explored different academic programs in breakout sessions.  


Union College staff not only planned an academic tour, but they gave the visiting students the chance to experience the college town through a scavenger hunt. The students ran through downtown Lincoln to complete the hunt receiving a variety of prizes. 


Andrew Barr, senior student, expressed, “The highlight of my trip to Union College was being able to see a bit of what campus life looks like at a college.”


The evening activities included swimming, hanging out in the student center, and playing pool or foosball. “I liked hanging out with my friends in the student center after the events, and it was amazing being able to grow closer to my classmates and the other visiting students,” shared Madison Ramirez, senior student. 


For worship on Friday night, students gathered in the College View Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a spiritually uplifting praise team and a testimony from a Union College staff member and graduate. He shared the importance of letting God be the guide and having Him as the foundation in life.


Saturday morning began with an impactful Sabbath School followed by a church service. Students were able to have a day to rest and, as the Sabbath ended, Union College’s Student Association held a dodgeball tournament. 


Some senior students ventured to other schools including Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, and Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. Catie Fairfield, senior student, reflected, “It was a good opportunity to see other colleges that I was considering.”


College Preview Days were the perfect opportunity to guide the Campion Academy senior class in making the important decision of which college to attend. Ramirez concluded, “Visiting Union College helped me to see what my future might look like.”


—Eva Resz is Campion Student News Team. Photos by Julia Santiago.