Catie Fairfield – Loveland, Colorado … Campion Academy students served their community by planting at Eden Valley, cleaning up Glacier View Ranch (GVR), sorting donations at Habitat for Humanity, picking up trash on the highway, or rejuvenating the campus, April 5. Students in select choir and orchestra also worked with middle school students in preparation for the musical performances.

One of the groups got to do ground keeping on campus. This consisted of mowing the lawns, weed-whacking, planting flowers, and adding mulch to the beds. Grace Garman, Campion senior student, elaborated, “I loved doing community service because I got to be outside and enjoy the weather. I got the luxury of planting flowers, and I am glad I got to make the campus look nice.”

Another group traveled about 20 minutes to Eden Valley, a Seventh-day Adventist wellness institution in Loveland, Colorado. They planted rows of onions and learned more about the lifestyle of the people there. Yolanda Han, Campion junior student, reminisced, “My favorite part of the trip was getting to interact with the staff. I got to see what it was like living there, and I really learned a lot from the groundwork.”

The students in the highway clean-up crew picked up trash along the two-mile stretch of Highway 60 that Campion has adopted for over 10 years.

Carlos Santana, Campion Academy chaplain, took a group of students to spend the day at Glacier View Ranch. They had jobs that ranged from cleaning, shoveling snow and dirt, hammering down door heads, and using wood varnish on older doors.

Santana commented, “This service impacted me in a great way because it felt good to know we could make a difference to people who needed it. They had a new crew who were still learning how things go. Also, they have a big pastor’s weekend coming up and we were able to help make things look nice and ready.”

Campion students participate in school-wide service days each semester, in line with Campion’s mission of training students to serve and make a difference in their communities.

—Catie Fairfield, Campion Academy Student News Team. Photos supplied.