By Jill Harlow – Loveland, Colorado …At a three-day event, Campion Academy’s graduating class of 2021 celebrated their accomplishment of thriving through it all after more than a year of masking, social distancing, and switching between in-person and online classes. While attendance was limited and by-invitation only, the 29 graduates were able to continue Campion’s traditions of the tribute, Baccalaureate, class night, and Commencement in the gymnasium with a crowd of family and friends.

In a speech addressed to her classmates, class president and student chaplain Milka Mendonza-Sanchez stated, “We have all had rough patches in our personal lives, and this year may not have been our ideal senior year, but I know that on this campus we’ve been able to grow spiritually, and together we’ve learned how to keep going through the difficulties of life.”

Donavan Reeder, Campion Academy principal, commended the class as well, remarking, “I’m so proud of our students this year at Campion Academy. We threw them curve-balls left and right, and they were able to handle every pitch.”

A historically small class throughout their four years at Campion, the class of 2021 was known for their closeness, diversity, and spirituality. Mendoza-Sanchez, Class of 2021 alumni explained, “Our class is small, but I know that I can take any one of you aside and say ‘Hey, I’d like to pray with you,’ or ‘I need prayer today’ and it will happen.”

With more than half the graduates able to speak a language other than English, it was unique to hear five different languages during the Friday evening parent tribute. The class includes six international students from Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many others from Spanish, Indonesian, and Tagalog-speaking families.

Carlos Santana, husband to head dean of women Molly Santana, and speaker for the Commencement service, explained to the students and those gathered that “this class is special; it really is. No matter what field you are going into, the class of 2021 is a class full of ministers; you are going to do beautiful, wonderful things for the glory of God.”

During Commencement, representatives from Union College presented the graduates with a total of $576,000 in scholarships. The highest award, the Presidential Scholarship, valued at $46,000, was awarded to both Tiffany Dien and Samantha Hodges.

While it poured rain outside, the ceremony was capped-off with an indoor reception filled with joyous tears, celebratory hugs, and many photos.

–Jill Harlow is communication director for Campion Academy; photos supplied