Ruben Balaguer – Greeley, Colorado … An outreach program based on the Book of Revelation was conducted at the Greeley Hispanic church August 6 to 13. Twelve visitors attended the meetings. “Several individuals are now taking Bible studies with members of the church,” said Pastor Balaguer, who conducted the outreach.

“After each presentation, attendees received a syllabus covering the topic of the evening. The meeting concluded with the baptism of Abner Hernández. Abner made his decision convinced that he wants to serve the Lord, not just become a member of the church. He said, “I know that I can do much more for the Lord now using my talents in the church for him”. Six more persons made decisions to be baptized as well.

For attending church members, the outreach was a refresher in understanding the messages of the Book of Revelation.

“After each presentation, those who attended left revived and with the desire to return the next evening. The most surprising thing for them was to learn so much more about the main character of the Book of Revelation–Jesus,” Balaguer commented.

–Ruben Balaguer is pastor of the Hispanic Greeley Adventist Church. Photos suppled.