Jill Harlow – Loveland, Colorado … Campion Academy welcomed 125 students to campus with worship, games, and handshakes on Sunday, August 14.

Donning black plastic trash bags and downcast faces, the Student Association (SA) officers kicked off the event by transforming into bright and energetic leaders, introducing the theme for the school year: ‘Renewed’. After leading worship songs, Spiritual Vice-President Tiffany Mogaka shared insights on how God can renew each of our lives.

Students were then divided into their class groups for classic competitions such as a human knot and hula-hoop pass. Toby Quillin, returning sophomore, mentioned, “The games were a really good way to get to know our classes better, both for those returning and those joining for the first time. The friendly competition really brought all of us closer together.”

For the main event, students and staff members lined up to shake hands and introduce themselves. Ana Segawa, a new senior student, hadn’t experienced this type of welcome at a school before. “As a new student coming from Brazil, it can be very intimidating to go to a boarding school in a different country, but the handshakes were a great icebreaker and a nice way of getting to know the other students and staff,” she explained. “I got to meet amazing people and the whole experience made me feel very welcome.”

The evening ended with a prayer of dedication from Pastor Micheal Goetz and a round of high fives for Principal Don Reeder.

Four-year senior, Haley Beckermeyer, still found herself caught up in the excitement and positivity that Handshake brings to the start of the year. She reflected, “I am excited to watch the school grow closer as a student body and closer to God throughout this year.”

–Jill Harlow, communication director; photo by Campion Academy Newsletter