By RMCNews – Arvada, Colorado … On June 22, an Arvada police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.

The church sign, expressing support and prayer for the officer, the officer’s family, the Arvada police, and the community said simply, “Praying for the Arvada PD.”

Pastor Gordon Anic recounts an interaction with a community member while he was putting up the sign. “Some guy [who] was jogging by [the church], stopped and said, ‘Thank you for putting that up, I work for the Arvada police department as a cop.’”

A church member attending the Arvada congregation described the tragedy as not only affecting the community, but the church also. “Our hearts are joined with the grieving families who lost their loved ones in the shooting at Olde Towne Arvada. Our community has suffered a great blow in the loss of innocent people,” Patricia Armijo, said. According to media reports, the shooting took lives of three people, the officer, a passer-by, and the shooter.

Members of the Arvada church continue to pray for healing in the community after this tragic event.

–RMCNews; photo by Miloš Tomic