RMCNews – Colorado Springs, Colorado … In front of family, friends, co-workers, and fellow soldiers, Yepisca Mareno was commissioned to the Gospel Ministry on October 30 at the Colorado Springs Central Adventist church.

“This is an affirmation by the church of Chaplain Moreno’s call to the Gospel Ministry, which she has demonstrated by her experiences as a pastor to the Navajo and as a chaplain in the US Army, both in the Reserve and on Active Duty,” William Cork, assistant director of the North America Division Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries said.

Echoing Cork’s sentiments Mike Maldonado, lead pastor of Colorado Springs Central, reflected on the significance of this recognition by the North American Division on a female pastor’s calling.

“Hosting and participating in Chaplain Moreno’s commissioning service was one of the most special events I have had the privilege to be a part of. The fact that she is a Captain in the United States Army, and a female, makes this recognition by the NAD and RMC of greater significance,” Maldonado commented.

Moreno was grateful for the support.  “I praise the Most High because He chose a broken vessel like me to be in His service. He has fought for me! I’m grateful for the people who have supported me in this path, and the ones who tried to discourage me too have taught me that with God, everything is possible. I’m grateful for my Adventist Church and its leaders who put their vote of confidence in me,” Chaplain Mareno said.

Former director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries at the General Conference and a Vietnam veteran, Dick Stenbakken, commenting on the service said, “It was a high privilege to see one of our Seventh-day Adventist military chaplains receive commissioned credentials from the church. It is a privilege for us to provide chaplains that can give a wide range of services for our members and others. It was especially interesting to see a female military chaplain who has developed a wide range of ministry skills, receive recognition from the church.”

Moreno has a special partner in her ministry to the Army and Native Americans–her mother.

“Moreno honored her mother, who has been her ministry partner throughout her career. Moreno’s service throughout her ministry was recognized, including being the first female to be hired by the Texico conference as well as her work with native groups,” Jade Covel, Colorado Springs associate pastor, said.

RMC administration was honored to participate in the event.

“It was an honor to have a role to play in supporting someone who provides a vital service to those who serve our country,” Doug Inglish, RMC vice president of administration, said.

“Chaplain Moreno is on fire for Jesus. Her exceptional service in the military is a testimony of her close relationship with Him. We are very grateful for Chaplain Moreno and all the chaplains that serve in our territory,” Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, stated.

Cork wishes church members to know that being a chaplain in the Army is not easy. “The work of an Army chaplain today is emotionally intense, with high rates of sexual assault and suicide. We are grateful for the support Chaplain Moreno has from the Rocky Mountain Conference and the Colorado Springs Central Church,” Cork said

Chaplain Moreno is one of 130 Seventh-day Adventist pastors serving as military chaplains today.

–RMCNews; photos by Susan Inglish