Have you read an Adventist book lately? Just in case you are looking for quality reading, the Rocky Mountain Conference Adventist Book Center (ABC) has an extensive selection to choose from, as many people have already discovered over the past year.

Suzanne Hafar, the store manager, has been pleased with the ABC’s performance. “Thank you for helping us make our first year as an independent store a successful one. At a time when bookstores struggle to survive, with God’s grace, your dedication to support our store and a lot of hard work, we were able to pay our bills in 2014.”

This summer offers an even greater than usual incentive to visit the store. Its camp meeting sale takes place on Sunday, July 5 (10am-2pm). All canned Worthington, Loma Linda and Caroline’s foods are on sale, so be sure to stock up!

If you are unable to visit the store in Denver, it will be loading a truck and heading out to camp meetings later this summer. Visit the mobile store at Mills Spring Ranch for Wyoming camp meeting (July 14-18), or on the Campion Academy campus (July 24-26).

There are also other ways to shop: online (www.adventistbookcenter.com), by phone (1.800.254.9687, ext 628), or through email ([email protected]). The ABC ships everything but frozen food, so phone, order online or send an email, and Suzanne and her staff will do their best to meet your needs. In fact, they see this as their primary mission!

“Unlike other stores that believe it’s all about money, our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus so that we can all finally go home,” Suzanne says.