As we strive to address the continuing pressures of life and especially during this pandemic, we are faced with many new challenges, both professionally and personally.  Perhaps you have felt the strain on your home relationship or on your work relationships.  I know I have missed the personal contact of extended family, friends, and co-workers and especially the contact with my brothers and sisters in church.   Ron Price MA is a member of the Rocky Mountain Conference and serves on the RMC Executive Committee.  He is a relationship expert and has spent over 30 years professionally mediating and coaching couples, families, businesses, and for the court system.  He has amassed a diverse education and broad knowledge of resources which can help people of all ages in all relationships.  He is a published author, a former newspaper columnist, and has hosted his own weekly radio program.  Ron Price is the owner and operator of Productive Outcomes, Inc. This just in- Ron’s newest book “Play Nice in your Sandbox at Church” is now available and it joins two of his previous books- “Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Home”, and “Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Work”.  All of these are available on or directly from Ron himself.  He has generously agreed to share with us some of his “gems of wisdom” that he has gleaned over his long and distinguished career.  I want to share with you these very short (10 minutes) gems.  I have found them personally enriching and often times challenging but always thought-provoking.   Every week or so we add another “relationship vitamin” to this list.   I invite you now to check them out for yourself as you may find them just the boost of encouragement that you need.  Ron and I pray that perhaps they will be a blessing to you in these unprecedented times of stress and uncertainty.

You can reach me at [email protected] with questions, ideas, concerns, etc. or Ron Price at [email protected]


5 Germs that Infect, Sicken, and Destroy Relationships
Germ Antidote 
Be Disruptive / LUV Talk 
Laughter and Fun
To God Be the Glory
Push the Pause Button 
Love Yourself as You Love Your Neighbor (C.I.V.) 
Relational Needs
Hidden Issues (keys why some conflicts continue to be ongoing)
A.G.I.   (Assume Good Intent)
Look for the Good 
Change for the Good
Emotional Hijacking
Worst Day Ever
Love Yourself – Racism
Misapplied Bible Verse
Change my heart o God
Joy in Giving
Clean Start
 Good Hearted Living
Hurting People Hurt Other People
Button guard
Habits 1-3
Habits 4-7
Bait of satan
Time-Out the Right Way
5-4-3-2-1 GO!  
You Don’t have to Know-it-all 
Play, Play, Play!
Forgive and forget? 
Foundational Principles #1-4 
Foundational Principles #5,6   
Three Levels of Anger
Interests, not Positions
A Solomonic Decision 
De-stress your holidays


Suggested Reading

(Please note that not all material in all the references are endorsed by either Ron Price or Lonnie Hetterle but there are certainly some good ideas/thoughts to be had in each one.  Read with discrimination)

Bait of satan   by John Bevere
Daring Greatly   by Brene Brown
Power of Commitment  by Scott Stanley
A Lasting Promise  by Scot Standley and others
Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Work  By Ron Price
Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Home  By Ron Price
Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Church By Ron Price 
The 5 Second  Rule  By Mel Robbins

On-Line References:

Recreational Enjoyment Inventory (on line) By Marriage Builders
Recreational Needs Assessment
Clean Start   By Ron Johnson