VJ and Beth Panganiban – Farmington, New Mexico – Health issues present an acute challenge within the Navajo community. After a break of three years during the pandemic, the La Vida Mission team resumed the program at the local Chapter House conducting a health and nutrition outreach as part of the annual Summer Youth Work Program.

Nearly 20 young people participated in the program which annually takes place in the months of June and July. The 2022 outreach concluded on July 28.

Members of the La Vida Mission Outreach team lead by was led by VJ and Beth Panganiban, c—directors of the outreach, and supported by Serly and Charles Londah and Dorie Panganiban. “They helped us to make the program a success,” commented VJ Panganiban.

The team introduced the Healthy Lifestyle concept to the participants and presented examples of healthy eating and living. A portion of the program was a practical demonstration of healthy cooking. Divided into two groups, the participants engaged in hands-on cooking following the recipes provided.

The young people also engaged in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises encouraging them to maintain physical fitness and health.

The organizers appeal for a continuing support of La Vida Mission’s health evangelism outreach to young generation of Navajo families.

– VJ & Beth Panganiban are co-directors of La Vida Mission outreach. Photos supplied.