Carey Jordan – Loveland, Colorado … The HMS Richards Adventist School community in Loveland, Colorado, gathered for a morning of dedicated service during the HMS Work Bee, June 2. With the shared goal of improvement in mind, 38 enthusiastic individuals joined forces to undertake a variety of projects, both inside and outside the school.

What transpired over the course of just two hours surpassed expectations, as tasks were completed much quicker than anticipated, demonstrating the power of unity and collaboration.

HMS maintenance director, Chris Nelson, has been tirelessly working towards enhancing the landscape of the school grounds. His ambitious vision for a healthier and more vibrant outdoor environment includes the establishment of lush grass, an efficient sprinkler system, and enriched soil.

Thanks to the collective effort during the Work Bee, significant progress has already been made. Sink spots have been filled, the facility berm has been rototilled, new topsoil has been added, and seeds have been planted, setting the stage for a stunning green space for the students to enjoy throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, inside the school, an equally remarkable transformation took place. Guided by the meticulous planning of Bob Aitken, member of Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loveland, Colorado, and Carey Jordan, HMS principal, volunteers diligently emptied every hallway and classroom in preparation for the installation of brand-new carpet later this month.

This was no small undertaking; heavy student lockers, large bookshelves, tables, desks, and hefty file cabinets were all relocated to the gymnasium, allowing for the removal of the old carpet and the installation of the new one. Additionally, the kitchen received a thorough cleaning, ensuring it remains a spotless and inviting space for meal preparations.

The success of this event is a testament to the spirit of community and cooperation that thrives within the school family. Despite the long list of tasks, the enthusiastic participation and collaborative efforts of the volunteers made light work of every challenge. This collective endeavor not only brought about tangible improvements but also strengthened the bonds of camaraderie among the community members.

HMS leadership gives gratitude to the Campion Church community for their unwavering support. Their prayers, presence, and encouragement are invaluable to the HMS school community, reflecting the love of Jesus through their actions and words.

They express their appreciation as it is the collaborative efforts of the community that enable HMS to foster an environment where our students can thrive and develop. Moreover, HMS leadership understands that this sentiment extends beyond the school; the support from the local churches and communities across the Rocky Mountain Conference is instrumental in ensuring the ongoing success and growth of Adventist schools. To all who support, attend work bees, events and programs, uplift, and pray for our Adventist schools, they offer their heartfelt gratitude.

Upon reflection of the impact of this event, Jordan remarked, “We are reminded that the heart of a volunteer is not measured by size but by the depth of commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.”

“To the Campion Campus community,” she continued, “your involvement at HMS Richards Adventist School truly makes a difference. We are deeply appreciative of your generosity and dedication, and we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and improvement of our school, made possible by the unwavering support of individuals like you.”

—Carey Jordan is principal at HMS Richards Adventist School. Photos supplied.