By MHANews – Highlands Ranch, Colorado … “It felt good to see everyone’s smiles as we started the new school year,” reflected Mindy Philpott, parent, and treasurer of Mile High Academy, on the first-day events at MHA.

With the pandemic affecting the fellowship and community aspect during the last academic year at MHA, the administration and staff made it part of its mission to get the school community together several times during the summer months. Foregoing the traditional in-person registration gave way to an evening community event. Families met the new staff, enjoyed a sweet treat, and divided into elementary, middle, and high school groups for events with the teachers.

“We appreciate the teamwork and organization from the teachers, staff, and parents hosting the summer events,” said Andrew Carpenter, MHA principal. “Not only did these events allow for our families to spend time together, but they also opened the opportunity to welcome the more than 50 new students who joined our school family, easing nerves when they arrived on campus for the first day of school. God is here at Mile High Academy, and we’re excited to see His plans for the school year.”

With classrooms still being closed to visitors and parents, MHA shifted first-day events to the soccer field to allow parents and visitors to participate. The gathering included a prayer service and obligatory first-day pictures.

Addressing the audience before leading out in the prayer over the school, Diane Harris, RMC director of education, expressed, “How happy it makes me to see every one of you.”

The day continued with elementary school students enjoying a day of getting acquainted with their new classroom while getting to know their teacher and making new friends. Middle schoolers escaped campus to form new relationships at Chatfield Lake while high school students held team-building exercises.

Reflecting on the first day, students were excited for the opportunities in the year ahead. “The first day was good because I got to meet new people, and my teacher is very funny,” Charlee, MHA fourth grader, expressed. “The first day of school was amazing,” said Taryn Clark, fifth-grade teacher. “It was so good to see all the students and hear about their summers. I missed the energy of the classroom.”

MHA is beginning the academic year with 205 students enrolled.

–MHANews; photos supplied