03 Nov


Haley Beckermeyer – Loveland, Colorado … Some 60 prospective students from grades seven to eleven visited the Campion Academy campus, October 28-30, to learn about academy life and to solidify their school choice for next year.

Students from farther away places like Kansas arrived Thursday night and stayed through Sunday. Everyone headed to the gym Friday morning to register and play games such as a life-size Hungry Hippo game. “I just really enjoyed all of the games, I didn’t have a favorite one,” Shane Hart, a 7th grader from HMS Richards commented.

The prospective students stayed in the residence halls with the Campion students. Visiting junior, Mabel Cabanbon, commented, “Dorm life was nice, and it was really comforting to have all these people so close to me.”

The rest of the day on Friday was spent touring the campus, watching student presentations, and competing for scholarships in sports, music, and various subject areas.

The Academy Days students got to hang out with Campion students and talk to them during their free time. “I loved how nice everybody was, and it was really cool learning how Campion works,” Natalie Bryant, HMS 7th grader commented.

On Saturday night, visitors that excelled in certain topics were awarded scholarships to Campion before everyone headed out to the bus barn to join the annual Student Association Fall Party.

Academy Days was held in the Fall for the first time this year. Students who may have missed this event are invited to schedule a private tour and even spend a night in the dorm anytime throughout the school year.

Haley Beckermeyer, Student News Team. Photos by Campion Academy newsletter.

02 Nov


RMC Youth News with Michael Taylor – Loveland, Colorado … The Northern Colorado Youth Rally is expecting 150 high school students mainly from the Loveland and Fort Collins area, to “Discover God and who He is.”

“The theme was chosen after much prayer and conversation with the chaplain at Campion Academy,” explained Michael Taylor, coordinator of the event planned for November 4-5 at the Campion Church.

“We share a burden for helping youth get to know God in a meaningful and personal way,” he added.

Before joining the Campion Church as associate pastor, he was involved in the West Michigan Youth Rally programs while pastoring there, and he is “excited to try to bring this opportunity for personal and community growth to Colorado.”

The event speaker is Michelle Odinma, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian minister and contemporary singer/songwriter. A long-time friend and colleague of Taylor, Odinma has been a gifted singer/songwriter for years and [Taylor] was blessed to be her mentor pastor when she answered God’s calling into pastoral ministry herself. “She’s a phenomenal preacher and connects amazingly with youth, which helps her be successful in her current role as the Community Life Pastor at The Church of the Advent Hope in Manhattan,” Taylor shared.

The event opening program on Friday, November 4 will feature music and message from Pastor Michelle. She is the worship speaker on Sabbath and will give an afternoon concert. For detailed rally program and more information about Michelle Odinma, visit  https://www.nocoyouthrally.com/

On Sabbath afternoon, students will join with Pastor Matt Hasty to head into our local community, where students will be involved in door-to-door work, giving surveys, prayers, or small gifts. Some students will connect with our local homeless population to share God’s love through care packages, Taylor explained.

Taylor shared his hope to “eventually see teenagers from all over northern Colorado (and southern Wyoming) come together in such numbers that we’d outgrow the space here on Campion’s campus and need to move to a larger venue in the area.”

–RMC Youth News with Michael Taylor. Photo supplied.

02 Nov


Adelaide Eno, Asher LeVos, Eeheon Ryu — Highlands Ranch, Colorado … Mile High Academy’s (MHA) principal, Andrew Carpenter, had a crazy idea when planning upcoming school events. What if he shaved his head once the students raised a specific dollar amount? After hearing the idea, Jocelyn Aalborg, MHA’s vice principal of finance and development, decided to make it the main reward for the 2022 Walk-A-Thon. During each of the last three Walk-A-Thons, MHA brought in roughly $25,000. This money went to the Worthy Student Fund, a program that makes it possible for students who can’t afford MHA to pursue private education.

With the principal’s hair on the line, MHA needed to go big! So, Carpenter and Aalborg doubled the amount, making the threshold $50,000 for Carpenter’s hair. Thinking the goal was too far-reaching, they wanted to add a reward for an increment of the fundraising. So, they asked the athletic director, Coach Michael Camacho, if he would be willing to shave his head when MHA reached the threshold of $35,000. He agreed, and the plan moved forward for the event.

Jocelyn Aalborg remarked that her favorite part of Walk-A-Thon was getting kids involved in raising money for MHA. She felt that the event empowered kids to reach out to friends and family for donations, which would support the MHA students.

Emalee, a freshman, said, “At first, I was upset that Coach Camacho would shave his head, but I am happy that he did it for such a good cause.”

Another student commented, “Just saying that you will shave your head if you reach monetary goals is cool, but the crazy part is we achieved these goals, and both our coach and principal shaved their heads.”

If every student raised $220, they would reach the $50,000 goal, and several students—and teachers—took it as a challenge. Contributions started rolling in, and while there were donations of significant size, Aalborg still did not believe that the $35,000 goal would be reached.

Walk-A-Thon took place on Friday, September 30, and donations were left open for one week past the event. By October 7, the event had brought in $43,000, surpassing the first goal. Administration decided to keep donations open for a few more days and pushed the students to raise $7,000 more so they could shave both Camacho and Carpenter’s heads. On Wednesday, October 12, MHA officially hit its goal of $50,000. As promised, the school prepared to shave both heads.

It happened on October 18 when an all-school chapel was held in the gym. The chapel was live streamed for those who could not be there. The chapel started strong with music from the history teacher and high school chaplain, Rebecca Berg. Afterward, Carpenter thanked the students for making this happen.
Though still nervous about shaving his head, Carpenter knew it was for a good cause and was genuinely passionate about it.

As Coach Camacho went up to the front to shave his head, students started chanting, “Shave their heads! Shave their heads!” excited to see the anticipated event finally unfold. Christina Herrera, a professional hair stylist and MHA parent, was invited to perform the honors. As Herrera began shaving Camacho’s head, the students went wild, and Principal Carpenter personally excited the kids. After a few minutes, it was time for Carpenter to get shaved. The students started cheering and chanting again. The event ended with two shaved heads and as a fun and memorable event for students and faculty.

With such a strong and unique challenge, the incredible amount of money raised, and the fun and excitement it brought to MHA. It will be interesting to see what other new challenges the school has next year!

–Adelaide Eno, Asher LeVos, Eeheon Ryu are MHA upper school journalism students. Photos supplied by MHA.