By RMCNews with Alise Weber – Littleton, Colorado … Women and girls of all generations from Littleton Adventist Church gathered at Arts on Fire in Highlands Ranch for an evening of creative expression through pottery making.

The event, part of innovation at Littleton to grow a healthy church by building relationships among members, drew 50 female participants of all ages. It was a chance for mothers and daughters to grow closer and make memories that they will cherish for a long time to come.

For some, it was a multi-generational gathering. “My family is so grateful for the community Littleton church has provided for us.  We had four generations at Arts on Fire–great-grandma, Nana, myself, and my daughter. It was so much fun to spend time together and to be around friends as well.  Looking at our finished products will bring back memories that will last a lifetime,” Amanda Kolibu, Littleton church member commented.

Mothers and daughters gathered with friends around tables to begin their creative designs.  The easy part was choosing which pottery piece to work on.  Next, the decisions were endless and involved multitudes of paint colors and crafty items to decorate with their own personal flair.

Reflecting on the evening, Alise Weber, children’s and family pastor at Littleton commented, “I was so impressed with all the artists in our church, including our younger artists!”

The relationship-building continues later this month as the men and boys prepare for a father and son backpacking weekend excursion in the picturesque Colorado mountains.

–RMCNews with Alise Weber; photos supplied