By Becca Brown — Denver, Colorado … The Love Reality Tour’s (LRT) tagline is, “Identity. Purpose. Worth.” and every word of that is truth. A group of people, traveling to many different locations telling their personal stories and allowing every person in the audience an opportunity to relate to their breakthrough. Pastor Jonathan Leonardo emphasized that we are free – free from personal sins and every force that will try to tell us otherwise.

Meeting September 13-21, young and old came to hear the same message of forgiveness, which was able to relate to every single person in the church. Jaela, one of the team members of LRT, mentioned that, “being a part of LRT has changed my life.” And, if you asked anyone else on the team, their answers would be the same.

It is such a positive experience and anyone that is able to go and participate would be lucky. Even after the program is over, joy and peace are still present in the atmosphere. People gather outside the church in conversation and fellowship. One of the attendees, Sandra, made the comment, “I think my second favorite part of the night is when we all get to hang out after. You never know who you will meet or what story you will hear.”

Old friends get to catch up and many meet new friends. The atmosphere that we all crave and those working within LRT are giving each and every person the chance to experience that. And the next time LRT comes through, everyone should attend and experience what they have to say.

Becca Brown; photos supplied by Becca Brown and Jessyka Dooley